puff [puf]
[ME puf < OE pyff < the v.]
a) a short, sudden burst or gust, as of wind, or an expulsion, as of breath
b) the sound of this
c) a small quantity of vapor, smoke, etc. expelled at one time
2. a draw at a cigarette, pipe, etc.
3. a swelling, or a protuberance caused by swelling
4. a shell of soft, light pastry filled with whipped cream, custard, etc.
5. a soft, bulging mass of material, full in the middle and gathered in at the edges
6. a soft roll of hair on the head
7. a soft pad for dabbing powder on the skin or hair
8. a quilted bed covering with cotton, wool, or down filling
a) Archaic vain show; bluff
b) an advertisement, review, etc., as of a book, containing undue or exaggerated praise
[ME puffen < OE pyffan, of echoic orig.]
1. to blow in puffs, as the wind
a) to give forth puffs of smoke, steam, etc.
b) to breathe rapidly and hard, as from running
3. to move, giving forth puffs: with away, out, in, etc.
4. to come in puffs, as smoke
a) to fill (out or up), as with air
b) to become inflated, as with pride: with out or up
c) to swell (out or up), as skin tissue
6. to take a puff or puffs at a cigarette, pipe, etc.
1. to blow, drive, give forth, etc. in or with a puff or puffs
2. to swell; distend; inflate
3. to praise unduly
4. to write or print a puff of [to puff a novel]
5. to smoke (a cigarette, pipe, etc.)
6. to set (the hair) in soft, round masses or rolls

English World dictionary. . 2014.